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MB Collective & Co focuses on truly empowering individuals of all backgrounds, beginning and completing every project with compassion and sustainability in mind. 


"design is the silent ambassador for your brand"

At MB Collective & Co., not only is our focus on building beautiful brand assets for your and your business, but walking you through strategy, intention, and guidelines to put your new branding into practice. We pride ourselves on leaving our clients with zero questions, supplementing all deliverables with video walk-throughs, on demand conferencing, and a safe space for communication. Collaboration and feedback is at the forefront of our brand mission, and that's a promise!  

Meet the founder

With heart eyes for design and aesthetics, MB Collective & Co. manifested itself within the four walls of my (at the time) small little Houston apartment. Working from 8-8 and then picking up freelance work on the side, the risk was worth the reward, as we've expanded our team of one to a team of three within our first year of business. 
Throughout college I worked as a Digital Media Coordinator, Disney Princess, and freelanced blogging for all the recipes I would make in my little dorm kitchen. On top of that, I studied sustainability, which reflects in the work we do for our incredible clients. My passion for design has always presented itself through many different types of creative mediums, although MB Collective & Co. didn't come to fruition until COVID-19 furloughed me from my 9-5, pushing me to sink or swim. 

Through intentionality, manifestation, and a genuine passion for creating sustainable brands, I'm doing what I love: collaborating with incredible businesses, building relationships with wonderful and talented humans, and specializing in sustainable, authentic, and organic brand & web design. Our process is raw, intimate, and unique, involving the business owner from start to finish in every decision that we make. All about tough love, we know when to provide guidance and clarity when needed.

A phrase I always live by is "if you aren't scared of your ambitions, you're not ambitious enough". Running a team and creating from the heart takes a LOT of passion and love for design, and I wouldn't trade my path to design for the world. 

The heart of MBCC

The heart and soul behind every design here at MB Collective & Co 

With roots in Baltimore and her heart in communication, Madeleine is specialized in client happiness and keeping things organized around here. Being the first point of contact, you will probably encounter Madeleine when scheduling out a discovery call, receiving a client gift, and sending out project updates. When she's not absolutely slaying the game, you can find her internationally traveling and enjoying a rooftop espresso martini, realigning with her moroccan roots. Passionate about female entrepreneurs, Madeleine adores working one-on-one with likeminded creative entrepreneurs! 


Based in the heart of San Fransisco, Kendra spends her time listening to design podcasts, creative directing, and absolutely smashing client work. With an affinity for packaging, print collateral , and branding, Kendra radiates love and intention in all client projects. With a total obsession for thrifting and seeing the beauty in everything, Kendra enjoys capturing abstract images, filming all the little moments, and enjoying her new city. Kendra is the type of gal to bend over backwards for our clients, making sure every small detail is thought of, proof read, and executed gracefully.


The Team







I'm in love with anything that involves noodles. Lemon basil pasta, pho, you name it and I'm probably already munchin!

Victoria British Columbia, New Zealand, Turks & Caicos, and the lovely state of CO are my fav travel destinations so far!

I spend my time hiking, snowboarding, going for a run, drinking wine, enjoying the sunshine, spending time with friends and family, and traveling! I also have quite the plant collection!

100% traveling, wine subscriptions, & anything self care. Massages, facials, nails, self care queen here! 

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"I gave you close to nothing to work with and you still had the ability to read my mind. I've already shared the presentation with everyone closest in my life and they all said the same thing, that you enveloped my brand into one entity with grace and fluidity. I have nothing but good things to say about you."